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Don’t know if any on here ever followed NS baseball and softball. Having played both baseball and softball even within the same season I spent almost every evening and most weekends playing one or the other until injuries slowed me down.
Once we had a great senior A fastball league with Brookfield ( Elks ) and Dartmouth ( Dairy Queen) fighting for top spot most years. Still remember when Mark came home and played in the league.
Born in Halifax and now living in the valley Mark Smith was beyond a doubt the greatest softball pitcher ever. Mark played in the US for many yrs and lead his team(s) to numerous championships including numerous pan- am championships and a world title. Mark made the NS sports HOF, the Softball Canada HOF, the International Softball Congress HOF and now this year will be inducted into the WORLD BASEBALL SOFTBALL CONFEDERATION HALL OF FAME. ( coaching category).
Mark was not only a great player but a top notch coach and brought home the bronze medal ( women’s softball) from Tokyo.
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