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Conservative leader race

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So who is going to win
Who would you like to see win
Three of them say they will totally revamp the firearms act which will in effect end the turds BS on handguns and reverse some of the firearms banned with the OIC
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I hope it's Pierre but regardless, this is certain. Whoever forms the next gov't is going to have the worse financial mess in Canadian history to deal with. They will have a lot of tough choices to make. None of which will be popular with the "free chit army" and said army will likely vote them back out after one term. Then the destruction of the country will pick up where it left off.
Agree Kevin 1000 percent
Some choice we have Sweet jesus

I hardly think there is a comparison between the two lol.
Regardless, I'd be willing to wager the US has a lot of buyers remorse over Biden at this point.
Don't know about anyone else but , I'm a little envious of the Japanese at this time.
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That’s funny nomad … I made the same comment to my wife the other day. If only that would happen to our useless PM. I don’t wish that on anyone … but I hate that guy so much, that it would absolutely make my day.
I would consider the one who does it a national hero.
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