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Dcta October Fun Shoot

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Hunting Season is just around the corner! This is your chance for a final tune-up before bird season.

The Dartmouth Clay Target Association will be hosting our annual October Fun Shoot, this Sunday, October 1, 2017.

75 Birds All - Around Shotgun

25 5-Stand Sporting / 25 Trap / 25 Skeet

Prizes for top scores in class and HOA

Number of classes and places in each class to be determined by participation


Date: October 1, 2017

Cost: $35.00 - Lunch Included

Registration: 9:00 AM

First Flight: 9:30 AM

Directions to DCTA

2500 Cow Bay Road, Cow Bay, NS

Directions: Portland Street Dartmouth, Right on Bisset Road, Left on Cow Bay Road, to end across bridge. (past Rainbow Haven Provincial Beach Park)
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I've always wanted to give skeet and trap a real go. A few years ago my wife and I did the llbean discovery experience in Freeport and was a blast. First time my wife touched a firearm and shot, helped make her a hunting convert. Do you have an intro course or something like that? Membership fees?
This is a really, really FUN shoot !! don't worry about what you miss...brag on what you :lol:

You'll get a crack at all Three disciplines too. BIG difference....If you've never done this, you should. ;) ;) 5 stand is a riot ! ^_^
Wish I was home this looks like a blast. Will def be signing up for it next year.
Do you have to be a member or can anyone show up? I assume that you bring your own ammo?
This is a fun shoot open to anyone .and you must supply your own ammo .
This is a fun shoot open to anyone .and you must supply your own ammo .
Thank you
Sorry to be a pest but I've never done this and seems like a lot of fun. I assume that you just register at 9 and don't have to preregister? Is a 12 gauge pump acceptable or does it have to be semi? Because of my skill level I've already accepted I won't get a second shot
Yes just show up register and the good people there will get you on a squad .yes your pump 12 gauge will work fine .
You'll be fine bud ...come out and give it a go ! I guarantee you won't be one bit disappointed !

Trap is only 1 shot at a time (5 single shots from 5 different stations)...some of the skeet stations are singles too and some doubles with a break in between the single just have to practice the fassssssstest stroke possible for some of those quicker doubles in skeet and 5
Just to clarify some of the questions. No you don't need to be a member to participate. This shoot is open to the public. Just let us know at registration if you are new to skeet, trap or sporting. We'll get you on squad and help you along.

Any standard hunting shotgun, in good working order, that can handle 2 shots will work just fine. Tactical style guns will not work so well. Barrel longer than 24 inches for safety (control) reasons.

Bring your own shells. You will need 3 boxes (75 rounds). Another box or 2 wouldn't hurt. Shot size 7 1/2, 8 or 9. I would recommend size 8 as a good all-round choice.

Just remember, this is a FUN SHOOT. And it will get you warmed up for bird hunting.
Great time. I wish I stayed longer to get more practice but I had to take off for a service call. Thank you Kevin, Lloyd and Ian for all the tips and for not making me feel like a loser
Your more than welcome Tim .you did great for the first time out . its all about just getting out and having some fun . a big thanks to Ian and the rest of the guys at DCTA for a great shoot .
Great time today @ DCTA with Rembolt, Otis, Tim, Jordan(?) and myself ! Lotsa challenging targets....some rubber ones I couldn't seem to break (( I know I was hitting them all :rolleyes: :rolleyes:))

Thanks Ian & club members for all the time and effort to give us a great event ! glad you came out to give it a was great to meet and shoot with you... and put a face to the name !!

You did better than I did my first time out on the skeet and trap field !! ;) If you were out hunting birds and you went through a box of'd have had 10 of em to show for it...pretty good shooting I'd say.

I make sure No one ever feels like a loser when they shoot with me. the guy above who kicked my butt today says ^_^'s all about getting out and having some fun ! :lol:
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I want to thank all of the shooters who attended our shoot today. The weather was perfect!

We had 31 shooters, from DCTA, Nova Sporting, Lunenburg Rod and Gun Club, Annapolis Valley Shooting Sports (Kentville}, and a couple of new shooters unaffiliated with any clubs

Prizes were awarded based on the Lewis classification system, In total,we gave away some ammo, about 32 boxes of target loads. We had a lot of ties at the top of classes.

And, a good time was had by all, based on what I heard. Results are:

Rank name Score Notes
HOA Brian MacLeod 69 By shoot off
A1 Mark Forsythe 69 tie
A1 Brian Betts 69 tie
A2 Anthony Wambolt 65 tie
A2 Ian McKay 65 tie
B1 Stephen Whitman 59 tie
B1 Lloyd Ralph 59 tie
B2 Ron Foster 58
C1 Kim Whitman 47
C2 Otis Scott 45

Thanks to every one who attended.
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