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Im starting to pay more attention to these old rubs - some call them signposts. They're rubs that are used multiple years, by bucks. Didnt have a cam with me when I found this one the other day but I do have cams on 3 other "signposts". Hopefully, will get some footage.

I know very little about these other than what I remember from a friend that would come to camp from the US to hunt many years ago. He identified a couple on our property and would set up his blind by them and always managed to get a big buck
It was before trail cams so we had not idea what was going on other than they produced a big buck for him most years
He would say signposts are not to be confused with community rubs and that signposts are made by the dominant buck in the area stating his claim to a particular area. Unlike community posts where all bucks would rub them only challenges to him would dare rub his marking
Could be all BS I have no idea but know he always got a big buck when set up on them
Be real interesting to see your pics to see if other bucks check it or check and rub
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