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Not sure if you guys have purchased glasses from these guys but I would sure recommend it
Last august I paid 720 bucks for two new pair at the eye doctor and of course destroyed one pair in march
I went to order another pair and the daughter says dad if you can get your prescription I will order you a pair cheap from where i get mine all the time
Well yes it was a bit of a fight to get the prescription from the old doc but he did give it and she said lets order one pair to make sure they are right and fit you
So she did with a 73% off coupon. It took about a month and they showed and my god they are perfect and I would not know them from the expensive pair

Here is the good part they cost me 24 bucks CD total so I asked her to order me two more pair one in sunglasses and one clear. They arrived today and also perfect and they cost me 39 bucks CD for both with delivery

Worth a shot if you are as hard on your glasses as me and my lens are only single focus , bi may be more
Take care and she says to wait for the 73% sale which happens a lot
Have to save money somewhere today
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