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Flash from the Past

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Anyone remember the old Tacoma drive Canadian Tire?

This pic is from the 70's but I remember it in the 80's, there was taxidermy in there Cape Buffalo and some other African Plains game, and a huge selection of firearms.

I think that location closed mid 90's.
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I bought the scope I have on my .303 over there in 1996. Bushnell, NOT made in China. It closed shortly after that.
I remember it all too well. Got my first shotgun there, bakail 410. My first .22 Mossberg Lakefield model 64b. Got my first dud too, bought a used 12ga semi for ducks with paper route money. Took it to the duck blind the next morning only to have it not fire when i pulled the trigger on a flock of ducks landing in my spread of 2 decoys. It went back after i tried half a box of shells to no avail. Then they weren't going to take it back because it was a used gun.
yep - ate more than a few lunches, at McDonalds, on the left (end of street) in that pic when going to trade school.
Mostly bought car stuff at that Cdn Tire (when our junkers broke down on way to/from school), lol - hunting stuff was bought at Cdn Tire in Sunnyside (behind donut shop at that time) and at Sackville K-mart.
Great spot !! The trip over was always awesome...I could browse the guns and ammo for an hour or so...then she could go have her beloved KFC right beside it...LOL
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