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In the interest of balance, and not to simply come on to match wits with the witless, I offer the following hunting related thread. ;)

For those that have never watched them I highly recommend checking out The Hunting Public on youtube. There are several 30+ episode seasons ranging from deer, elk, turkey and occasionally waterfowl or small game hunting. They are primarily whitetail deer hunters, and although most of them are under 30yrs old they are some of the most knowledgeable and successful hunters I have ever seen. If I didn't watch their video showing how close an approach can be made to game with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe some of it. I'd be happy to hunt with any of their core crew, any day, anywhere. They seem to be really good guys.

They didn't have nearly as successful a season this year as the past two, unless they have several episodes waiting in the wings. Take the time to check out some of the incredible hunts from especially the last two seasons. They also showcase the wildly varying, and beautiful, landscapes, habitats and hunting styles from the numerous different states they hunt in.

Their youtube page is here:

These boys are hardcore, and their efforts are generally rewarded with results, in due course. If you want to have a good laugh and meet a few of the regulars, among others, check out their last 2 episodes from this/last week which is a two parter during several late season muzzleloader deer drives. It isn't one of their typical hunts, but it shows some of the strategizing and map reading to identify terrain features these guys carry out; as well as being a fantastic exhibit of the camaraderie and memories with family and friends that are such a huge part of why many of us hunt.

Oh to be that young and full of piss and vinegar as Jake, Zack, Ted and the fellas... and to have a medium such as portable camera gear and youtube when I did. Cripes I might have been the next Red Fisher! 🤣

Today, I'd be satisfied with having the habitat and populations to see a fraction of what these fellas often see in a single hunt... and that generally in locations they've either never set foot in before, or at best hunted a few days in a past season.

Happy Hunting!
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Wow another great thread thanks bud. Maybe you should post hunting related stuff and forget the other posts.
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