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Hey Razorback I need some pelts tanned

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Razor I'm interested in getting some muskrat pelts tanned with hopes of eventually getting a hat made. I'm wondering if you do this type of thing? It would be 8 pelts in total.
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Did I get some ducks from you to practice mount on? Worked at a mill on Hamon plains rd?

On to the rats.
I assume you have a trappers licence? or a permit from DNR.

One issue with tanning rats is a rat is sold with the saddle like a mink still attached. The fur houses want the saddle left on as if removed the roots can be cut off and hair fall out. Did 2 or 3 for Nexgen and turned out good. Are these rats skinned dried or skinned frozen? That too can make a difference in how well things turn out.. If skinned and dried with saddles attached then its 3-4 days to get them rehydrated. 3-4 days the bacteria is eating at the hides.(not good).

I prefer a fresh still warm hide for all taxidermy .
Next is cold as it was harvested yesterday.(if temp permits)
Then frozen solid
and my least is a dried hide.

Starting at the top of the list normally has the best results.

Looking at say $150-$200.and a 4-6 week turnaround
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Yes, you have a good memory. I still travel every day to Hammonds Plains. My hides are all dried and frozen with the saddles intact. They were rats that were damaged on the belly side that I decided not to send to the auction. It sounds like I might be better off fleshing fresh ones next year and freezing them.
Not saying its not going to turn out.. Probably good rats for a future hat as no bellies required . I hope to be in city within 3 weeks to drop off the big launching cat mount. So some time to decide what you want to do. Wife is in city ever week and she too can bring them back also.
I'm in no rush so maybe let me know when you plan to deliver the kitty. I would be happy to have you tan them for me.
Sure thing.
I'm in city on Monday 26th Morning if we can meet or stop by the plant for muskrat pick up.
Sorry Razor, I haven't been online for awhile. I'm sure we will find a time to get together in the future.
No problem.
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