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HWWA Fun Shoot Change of time

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The HWWA due to some unknown reason will be having our Range Day at the Stanley Range on April 10th not the 16th. So for those planning on attending please take note of the change. April 10th from 9 am to 5 pm Stanley Range.
Mike (mob)
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I believe Stephen calls this one Easter Bunny Blast I refer to it more like the Swamp Bunny Shoot. The rain though it never really let up was not being driven by wind. The people who were there the youngest I believe was 11 so along with the BBQ I thought the day went fairly well. We all busted a few targets and Gary had a few rounds off with his "smoke pole". We hope to have another by July and as most know June 12th is our Major Hunter Ed, Stanley Range day.
I have all the gear we used at this range day up and being dried as for the electric trap machine it was the clays sticking together causing the problem. the other foot operated one is a great asset to our club. Great job one and all, ain't nothin' like a day at the range.

Mike ( mob )
Thanks Kevin and a special thank you to Ross His, yours and all the rest that put in their time and expertise to make these events possible is the best example of going the extra mile. We mention The Gun Dealer every CFSC course as one of the best places to purchase firearms, ammo and related activities.That is the least we can do.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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