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Sure is odd how many posts I have seen lately on FB for go fund me for people who misteriously have become ill. Lets see, 3 heart attacks, 1 stroke on my short little street, 2 heart attacks on the other, three on another street, 1 made it two did not. Now I am seeing brain bleeds, people losing feeling etc. Happening all over the province it appears?
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HUmm wonder if this has anything to do with it :rolleyes: in Canada Don't care what the sickness is YES you will see more in vaccinated but the vaccine is not the reason Numbers are:rolleyes:
At least 1 dose
Fully vaccinated
Keep telling yourself that Joe ... the vaccine will eventually kill more than covid ever did. This wonderful "vaccine" ... so good, that you need 5 or 6 "boosters" in a time span of two years.... is really saving lives.🙄 Fully vaxxed people are still dropping off like flies, and don't give me the BS about "can you imagine the death rate if people weren't vaccinated" ???. There is STILL no REAL scientific proof that the vaccine works. The only thing that is getting boosted, is the global elites bank accounts. I'm guessing the rapid spike in heart related illnesses in vaccinated people between the ages of 35 and 60, is purely coincidental ???? Good grief.
Well then you are screwed also or did you forget that You best pray I am right
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If nothing else, do people not see people getting odd illnesses in there area or is it just around here?
Honestly no different here than it was before covid still had tons of cancer lots of heart attacks and some brain bleeds As my pal poor guy has had all three over the last 20 years and none since covid and he is only 63 Brain bleed 2o years ago should have killed him Yep and when I go for my coffee today I will toot the horn at him as i do every morning as he walks his 4 miles every day never misses a day I could not keep up with him that is for sure

Just wondering and I have no idea where you live but was there ever any heavy industrial plants or industry there You were exposed to the agent orange if I remember right but was it just you when in the military
We got Covid once here, 4 kids, no vax here. Everyone else we know that’s been boosted bunch of times has had Covid at least twice, many more. Some help it was to them.

I know one friend at work every time he goes out to the field for a weekend he breaks out in red dots all over his arms and chest. Looks like chicken pox but he says not itchy just breaks out. And surprise surprise he never did That the whole rest of his career there until recently.
But is was never there or rolled out to stop one from getting it just to help with the severity if one did,
You quote these statistics and chose to believe them and their sources, which is your right. But, Joe or anyone else can quote just as many that prove the vaccines work just fine and chose to believe those.
Personally I'm tired of these pointless arguments over this.
Me too and from some one SO against it that has their shots HELLO
Difference is 91% of canadians on my side or they would have never got the shot Add in the ones with a medical or religious reason and not many left that didnot get jabbed
It sure has not effected me :LOL:
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That's your choice tony. There is not one Shred of scientific evidence to prove that these vaccines work. I'm still waiting to see it. Pfizer wanted 75 years to produce these documents. That should be the first red flag. Pointless?? You're probably right. I know un-vaccinated people that never got covid and some that did, and I know a lot of people that were vaccinated that got covid, and the outcome was the same. If this vaccine works so well, why in the hell are we still seeing the number of deaths associated with covid?? Wasn't the whole thing about getting the vaccine, was to get the population herd immunity?? What happened to that?? Then when that didn't pan out, the government moved the goal posts again and said if you get covid you won't get as sick. What happened to that?? They moved the goal posts again. Now they are saying the ones that are dying had underlying conditions. Those were the exact same people that were dying in the first place before the vaccine. And I don't care what anybody tells me, until I see actual scientific proof from a reputable source, that the vaccine works, I will go with what I know from the information that I have seen, and stick with my belief that the only ones benefiting from this vaccine are the global Elites.

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Sure as hell not the CDC or WHO. We all know who controls them
Humm so not him OH must be your other favorite :p
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We would be so lucky to live like they do. Same hat I wear in my garden on the right and bought road side hand made by them in PA on one of my trips there
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Sure is odd how many posts I have seen lately on FB for go fund me for people who misteriously have become ill. Lets see, 3 heart attacks, 1 stroke on my short little street, 2 heart attacks on the other, three on another street, 1 made it two did not. Now I am seeing brain bleeds, people losing feeling etc. Happening all over the province it appears?
Here you go. Ask and you shall receive as my old mom would say It's a start is it not
I thought yours was a tin hat 😀
Nope, doing a bit of reading about middleton today after you raising the concerns got me interested and please correct me
It is 7 miles away from the military base in greenwood which was deemed in 1997 as
I quote
An internal report (made public in 1997) described CFB Shearwater and CFB Greenwood sites as a “cocktail of toxic chemicals.”

And also suspected in the report it was exposed to agent orange as cfb gaugetown was
If true no wonder people are sick still and you see what you do .Just like the tar ponds did and is still doing here to us capers IMO Big deal they just covered the mess and put grass over it Still getting into our water etc
What do you think
No agent orange but many consider jet fumes? One thing that is known about the valley is amount of spraying crops that goes on. It can leave a fog hanging on the valley floor. Who knows, same as NB with that brain disease we hear nothing about any more..
Yes the old jet fumes are worse I think normally when one sees so much sickness in an area it can be linked to something done years ago that is restricted or banned today First thing the doc asked when I got cancer was I around jet fuel or benzine from I guess the type I had was so rare and caused by certain hydro carbons
Never even thought of the crop spraying but that sure is not as friendly as they tell us I cannot even buy what they use any more need a course now
take care
Theses are the ones that concern the majority of canadians
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I was mistaken, its not the spray of crops its the powder from my levers going off so frequently during the fall. 😀
With the price of gun powder I bet that is coming to just about a rare occasion now
I thought yours was a tin hat 😀
See My Working Garden hat hand made by amish in pa and over 20 years I have been using it every summer. They don't make junk No tin foil needed on this head :)

Have one of theses here also I don't use and would love to have an address to send as a gift to some one special here who I know 100% would love to wear it with pride and only one person comes to mind :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Has a nice rim for little birds to land on :)
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I'd like to see you modelling that bottom one, Joe!
I tried it but honestly it would not stay on my big head but a lot of friends here wear them in their gardens they say they save the back of your neck from getting burned better than usual hats by the sun See I could not careless where it is made or who normally wears them . My father coming from west virginia was the worst raciest I have ever seen and it still upsets me thinking back what he would say about blacks or to blacks. Yep I remember a guy coming up to him and asking where do the black folks hang out around here in this town and he says stay more than a hour and at the end of town on that old oak tree That is just one of many sadly That bottom hat is for a special friend I have here :)
Go fund me brags they catch the scammers with the new changes they have made and only miss now 0.1% but I don't believe that one
Just read article on cbc Nova Scotia that they have announced some new stats showing a big spike in excess deaths for the province and they have no idea why. Lol. Seems a trend everywhere.
As you say read it also this morning
I wonder whats causing the big spike ????? 🤔🤔😉😉
Yep that took long. YOU better get on your knees and pray since your days could be numbered :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: for a dam trip to flordia Wait now you don't believe in god either :(
Well it was nice knowing you :p
I am fully prepared to meet my maker. Since I am an atheist, I don't believe in that foolishness either. Like I have said many times, the vaccine will kill more people eventually then covid ever did. I wasn't putting my life on hold like some people, because of a glorified cold.
But do you still have your space ship to get back home and meet them :LOL: and who will take you
Tough BS words really NOONE is ready to die
i was thinking why don’t they just come on here and ask Joe? He always has the answers to life’s most difficult questions. Lol

They will come up with any and every answer they can think of as long as they don’t say vaccine in it.

I like how the article reads that excess deaths could be drug, alcohol, old age, etc but then also says they don’t have a reason figured out for the excess deaths. So suddenly this year only they can’t detect a death from drugs alcohol or old age? Right.
Nope I sure don't if I did I would not be fighting so hard to stay alive every day and losing ground lately since diabetic added to my list Just have no one to impress any more and as pointed out NO friends and HATED :D here SO it just boils down the red white and blue in my blood so outspoken and have the balls to say my mind and accepting what I cannot change and seeing/ living in the real world is the only difference with me vs some
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