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Sure is odd how many posts I have seen lately on FB for go fund me for people who misteriously have become ill. Lets see, 3 heart attacks, 1 stroke on my short little street, 2 heart attacks on the other, three on another street, 1 made it two did not. Now I am seeing brain bleeds, people losing feeling etc. Happening all over the province it appears?
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GO git your extra BOOSTER...quickly !
Its primarly people that got all the shots as its only a small % of those that did not, some having strokes after not feeling good after the shot?
Don't worry. That's in the back of my mind everytime I hear about a sudden death in that age category. But it has nothing to do with the vaccine, right ???? 🤔
If nothing else, do people not see people getting odd illnesses in there area or is it just around here?
We would be so lucky to live like they do. Same hat I wear in my garden on the right and bought road side hand made by them in PA on one of my trips there
I thought yours was a tin hat 😀
Nope, doing a bit of reading about middleton today after you raising the concerns got me interested and please correct me
It is 7 miles away from the military base in greenwood which was deemed in 1997 as
I quote
An internal report (made public in 1997) described CFB Shearwater and CFB Greenwood sites as a “cocktail of toxic chemicals.”

And also suspected in the report it was exposed to agent orange as cfb gaugetown was
If true no wonder people are sick still and you see what you do .Just like the tar ponds did and is still doing here to us capers IMO Big deal they just covered the mess and put grass over it Still getting into our water etc
What do you think
No agent orange but many consider jet fumes? One thing that is known about the valley is amount of spraying crops that goes on. It can leave a fog hanging on the valley floor. Who knows, same as NB with that brain disease we hear nothing about any more..
Yes the old jet fumes are worse I think normally when one sees so much sickness in an area it can be linked to something done years ago that is restricted or banned today First thing the doc asked when I got cancer was I around jet fuel or benzine from I guess the type I had was so rare and caused by certain hydro carbons
Never even thought of the crop spraying but that sure is not as friendly as they tell us I cannot even buy what they use any more need a course now
take care
I was mistaken, its not the spray of crops its the powder from my levers going off so frequently during the fall. 😀
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Well I'll chime in as to your OP Question , today is the digital age , so easy manipulate the actual circumstances of Illness , as to say " we dont have Medical Insurance or it won't cover full costs or we or I am a single parent " a Tug at the emotions and kindness of strangers , yes I am sure many cases are legit , maybe a tid bit left out on full story maybe the full story is present and accounted for .

What I can and will say as we ourselves witnessed this very thing is some are just creating these circumstances for monetary gain and that alone is the problem , "GREED & JELOUSY " are the drivers to scamming others into believing this person or a relative or friend is sick or injured when no such case exists .

Media has been a force to drive that msg deep into peoples hearts , so now the msg is clear to anyone who is legit with any illness to do this very thing , my heart goes out to those needed treatments not covered or needing financial aid to help thru rough times cause they do not have the means to carry them thru what can be traumatic situations or troubled times .

My msg is this Go Fund Me was the creator of such a platform after someone seen these very such social media postings online , only thing is now Go Fund Me has put in place checks and balances to stop or halter at it 's best scammers and also keeps a % of Money raised , many don't want go thru the checks and balances for multible reasons so now we see a influx of those claiming sickness or whatever the funds are needed for on social Media platforms .

With every good deed that comes around a dirty deed is present to question credibility of those who are in need of help .

This is my Honest response to the question at hand .
Yes you are right there. One thing I seen down this way is people setting up a fund for those that lost there house from fire. Some now have had two fires and lost everything, still no insurance. Move five years forward those same people own multiple businesses and during covid are building more structures? Same for those going bank rupt, five years forward its as if they lost nothing, every thing they had is back, every one contributed to there hard times, those that they owed money to never got a dime back. Scamming happening daily.
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Remember I am not vaccinated. I will look after all your guns 😀
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Let me tell you how stupid this can be. My son graduated with 80 in his class at Dalhousie (physio thearpy), they only took 6. He was told is marks were so good, that he should go one more year for Pharmacy, after very good marks again no positions available. He then went to the military. They were trilled to get someone with university degrees but they were not allowed to put someone in physio, or pharmacy field if they had taken it prior to military service as a civilian. He then was given the choice to go back to university into something else. He went back to university under the military and became an engineer. Imagine how he could have helped both civilian or military taken especially in the physio field or pharmacy. We sure make it hard for our selves.
Well it continues, another stroke, heart attack on our street. That 's almost one at every second third house now. Its freaking bizzare. Neighbor on my left just the other day had a stroke followed by HA. 50, non smoker, non drinker, non diabetic, weighs about 140 lbs, fit , active out doors.
What a cruel and mean spirited and unsympathetic thing to say.
Hey I know he was joking. I think people are stressed though knowing that I have all the levers 😀.
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On a serious note what are people seeing in there area?
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