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Long range shooting

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To my understanding people need to be vaccinated to go shoot at ranges now. I’m looking to find somewhere in NS I can go shoot long range without taking an experimental injection. 500 yards would be ok for now. Would be ideal if I could stretch it out to 1000 yards later on. I know Bull Meadows is 800 but I’m probably not allowed there.
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Won't be too many places, if ANY you'll be allowed to attend when it comes to sport shooting, without your Vax.
Pull up google earth and start looking for areas that have very few houses and powerlines/clearings/old gravel pits and go "coyote hunting". It's what most long range guys do this time of year.
Pull up google earth and start looking for areas that have very few houses and powerlines/clearings/old gravel pits and go "coyote hunting". It's what most long range guys do this time of year.
Or get friendly with a farmer that owns a big field.
Hey Churchy ! I realize that this thread is a couple of months old, but....Bull Meadow Rifle Range is run by Nova Scotia Rifle Association ( I'm a member and the booking manager). This facility is one of the nicest civilian rifle ranges across Canada. It has a 800 meter ( hopefully a 900 meter ) rifle range, a 100 meter range, along with a 50 meter handgun/rifle range, plus a shotgun station with multiple clay throwers. The NSRA has different disciplines of shooting including, service rifle, small bore, handgun, target rifle/F-Class, hunting rifle, etc.For beginners/ newcomers, there is always members willing to help out or answer questions. You should check out their website...just google Nova Scotia Rifle Association. Hope this helps, BJ.
BJ...does Bob Sirtonski still have ties with the NSRA ? He was the HG sector chair when I was with them when they first opened. I used to shoot with Andy Webber back in the day..Clary Keiser was our main RO back then too.
Hey Kevin ! Unfortunately, Bob passed away years ago.Great guy.There is actually a plaque mounted beside the handgun range at Bull Meadow. I used to shoot Service Rifle ( sniper rifle & ar 15 ) with Andy when we shot down in Bedford. Andy now owns Tangent Theta scopes ( google those babies!!!). I just got back into shooting competitively 2 years ago, but Webber had already "retired" from shooting along with Wendy Reid...a real shame, as both are world class shooters. Andy is actually in the DCRA hall of fame.
Beaverbank 270 does bull meadows require people using the range to show proof of vaccine? Churchy is look to go where vax pass is not required.
All clubs require proof of double Vax before you can shoot there. Members and or guests.
Sorry to hear that about Bob. Helluva guy !! He supplied our wedding with all the condiments !

OH YEAHHHH...add a few extra zeros to the bottom line for Theta scooes.. lol
Andy's company Armament Technology has some wicked shooting rifles..different platforms and world class optics. I still have one of his shooting jackets.. Hard to believe I used to be that size and wear that mofo lmao...I still have mine..passing it down to my grandson.
Hey Kev! Wedding condiments from McDonalds.! TheTangent Theta / Armament Technology facility is located in Bayers Lake Park....Andy gave me the " tour" through the place about two years ago....pretty high tech! Speaking of Armament Technology rifles, I remember Andy getting Sam to build a few of these that went to different law enforcement agencies throughout Canada and U.S. Apparently, I was Armament's first customer back in 1989 when he founded the company....I guess I bought a bipod adapter. back good memories shooting with those guys! I could tell a couple stories!
Hi BJ, I know this is an old post but found this site today after I sent an email to your clubs general inquiry email (great timing). I am new to the sport, have my PAL, Hunters Safety, and have obtained a rifle that I want to use to get into long range target shooting. I understand that your club suggests that a prospective member should attend two sessions and work forward from there. Where I am completely new to this I want to make sure that I follow appropriate protocol in moving forward with hopefully becoming a member. If there are any tips you can suggest, I would really appreciate it!
Hey EastCoastFives ! If your considering joining the NSRA , then yes, it's probably a good idea to check it out before spending the money on a membership. I would suggest looking on the NSRA website, and determine which discipline (s) of shooting interests you. Also , on the website you should find an event calender. will have the dates for practices and matches. Whatever type of shooting ( handgun, small bore, target, service rifle, etc.) that interests you, show up on one of the practice dates. In the meantime if you want, you and I can coordinate a date and time, and where I am the Booking Manager and Range Operations Manager, I can give you a tour of the facility. 800 meter rifle range, 50 meter rifle/ handgun range, 100 meter rifle/handgun range, and a shotgun clay/skeet station. If interested, you can reach me at (902-830-8656)...leave a message if I can't answer. Hope to hear from you, BJ.
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