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Maple syrup

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Gave it a try this year. 6 trees.
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Gave it a try this year. 6 trees. View attachment 100328
Man its a pile of work and time.But those few jars of syrup are priceless specially doing small batches
Self sustenance and fulfillment.Something you cant get at the grocery store
That's why I started hunting last year. We also started gardening and fishing last year. Been great getting back to simpler ways.
yes, commercially made - lots of gear out there - new & used. In the land of stainless steel, food grade barrels & buckets, filters, electronic temperature probes, hygrometer, etc Yet, still sanitize the jars n lids with the old enamel pot, lol. Bit of work but lots of fun and awesome product.
I know its a ton but did you or your son ever keep track of how much firewood used to produce X amount of syrup?
I used to try and burn all deadfall to make ours there was a pile of wood used couldnt bring myself to burning seasoned hardwood
had a pretty big delivery of firewood from the Fiona Wood Felling Company, so no issues this year or next.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts