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Maritime Outdoorsman Podcast Show

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Hello everyone. For quite a while now, I've been thinking about producing an outdoor themed audio podcast show. Well, I am pleased to announce that the wheels are finally in motion! The show is going to be called Maritime Outdoorsman and will be a casually produced podcast covering various topics and interviews on outdoor activities in the Maritime provinces. There will be an obvious emphasis on angling and hunting however other outdoor activities will be touched on such as kayaking, gardening, prospecting and any other activity that we feel has a place in an episode. What will make this podcast unique is that you as members of are invited to help steer the discussion topics by making suggestions in this thread. Perhaps there is a particular hunting issue you feel should be explored or someone you feel would make for an interesting interview. Give it some thought and I look forward to your feedback.

I'll post an update with links and more information as soon as the introduction episode is alive and kicking.

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Ok, here is the newly created website for the podcast and you can play the introduction episode using the audio player at the bottom of the first post on that page.
Great idea,there should be lots of info and people to carry this along.Good for you Dave.
good idea , i like the thoughts of listening to local activities . here in the maritimes it's hard to relate to most shows because they are mostly u.s. or out west .
VERY cool.... the podcast is now alive and kicking on iTunes
Those with apple products or iTunes installed on their computer can now easily subscribe and automatically receive all future episodes.

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Here's the link to the latest Maritime Outdoorsman Podcast episode which is focused on Striped Bass. Enjoy.
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