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Moose Hunting Fare..

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I just emailed this to my buddy Pete in NB. Just so we wouldn't duplicate anything. We'll be in the highlands all of next and revamping our stands. This is typical of all our hunts or scouting trips to CB. We're generally 6 to 10 people and I cook for never know when you're going to have company!! And the left overs are iced up for lunch the next day...By the end of the week, there's quite a selection for lunch...!!

Every meal seen here is frozen and will be buried in ice (in a grey bin) until we reheat it. All of these meals require a minimum of cooking(boiling spaghetti..etc..) which is what you want when camping. No one wants to cook all day. At the same time, you don't want to eat hot dogs and sardines all week.

Pete normally brings all of the breakfast stuff:...bacon...eggs...pancake mix...homefries...bread for toast..etc.. We have a full breakfast every morning (usually includes trout)...We also make sure that we have plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Once we're set up for a week, we hate to waste time driving out for groceries so we try to have enough of everything, and ice to last at least a week.

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We're generally 6 to 10 people and I cook for never know when you're going to have company!!

Sooooo you got room for Bob, Kpr AAAAAANNNND me..
heh heh RIGHT ON David!!
..Ummmm...I'll bring the spoon for MY chowda...and forks for everyone else!!

That's the way ta do er up right there by!!
not yer first time either eh?..haha...You only get out of it what you put in to it!!.
..I'm willin to bet your gonna have a helluva trip!!...Good Luck!
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...perhaps you should have a DNA sample and a copy of the Death Certificate with you as well..
..just to prove it was killed the year ..then again..there's lots of denizens of the area that could have given you some moose to enjoy!
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TO THE TOP with one of the BEST THREADS!!!!!!!

QUOTE>>>>>>>>>The officers were very gracious and professional. They just wanted to check the tags on both moose and that was it. It was pretty obvious by their demeanour that they were there because they had been called and had to come. They already knew that we had 2 licenses but nobody else did... and I suppose when you suspect that a team is taking their second moose on one license you have to let DNR know ( although I'm not sure that that was the motivation in this case). END QUOTE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Good old fashion Jealousy David!!...Plain and simple!

You know that old saying..."You only reap what you sow"....well you guys certainly sow one helluva trip!!....
Thought it was time to resarect this thread for alllll the new guys goin and some of the more seasoned ones too...we all can use a refresher course every now and then!!

Just sitting here and reliving past trips. I thought of your threads and how much preparation you and your gang (( I would have typed bunch of gentlemen but it would have taken me too long
)) David....all the pics you had posted of your other setups... camp preperation and quick build tables etc...were they allll on the old site...and now lost????....I was trying to find em and didn't have any luck. This one was still a nice revisit!!
ThankX and best of luck this year!!
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I'd be yanking them friggin lanterns outta there...and puttin my "Black Crown Royal" in there...
.just sayyyin
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David...I'd love to have the plans for those tables. If Russel doesn't mind! They look to be very sturdy, and would be a great asset to any camp, hunting trip or picnic area! Keep the pics coming...great job!!...Kevin
ThankX JR, I appreciate it!!
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GOT THEM!! Just printed em off!...Again...Thankx!'s our 1995 set up...same area some of my friends and family(cousins) were successful in since 87. There were 6 moose taken out of there during those in between years.

All packed up, rearin to go!...lesson number ONE.....DON'T leave the EFFEN spare tire in the FRONT of the truck and THEN fill it!!!!
Steve's tire was in front of the S-10's box!!!

The "Hacienda" ...opened for buisness!!

Dining at it's finest...Cape Breton style!! Glen and Steve an the Cap'N lookin on!
Dad peeking out during packin up!...RIP Bud...miss ya

Big cow down....4 skinned quarters weighed 635 at the butcher shop!!
Broke my 119 Buck Knife. Sent them a pic of my hunt along with the a congratulatory letter and a Brand New knife!!

View of campsite from up the road. Moose loaded ready for ice!

Breaking camp after 13 days. What a moose, What a hunt!!

Hoping to do it alllll over again!!...from a tent too!
Can't wait!
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ummmmm...tough moose...errrrrr..big pelvis..ummmmm...large rock
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Now, That's my kind of Moose Hunt...!!! Great pics...!!! Man, you guys would fit right in with our gang... You're going to have a ball...!!! I notice that you have the same Coleman Propane 'tree' as us. Great rig... you can connect up to 3 stoves to it.

Isn't it great to have those pictures to look back on...It really gets you going, doesn't it...
Ya hit the nail on the head that time David. Pictures are INDEED worth much more than a thousand words!! I've always taken a few pics of anything and everything all through life. The guys I hang with never do...yet...when they see the can see their faces brighten up!! Does a heart good!..that Coleman gear is pretty well indestructible. Still have most of mine from 25 years ago...OR MORE!! Them trees are GREAT!!That little lantern on top lit the tent well and even provided some warmth!
We've always had stoves and lanterns and stuff...growing up in our place all we had was a Big Enterprise key mac stove in the kitchen...every now and then in the heat of the would shut down the key mac...set up two Coleman's on top of it and cook on them for a few days in the heat!..Lots of "doot-chess"(newfie word for fried bread dough) cakes...smoked hake...Corned beef and cabbage and dough boys done on em
Always a meal befit a KING!!

We always did some kind of camping when we were young...every long weekend in Oct....we hit the Cabot at the picnic tables living and eating out of the trunk and staying at cabins...mannnn that was soooooo kool!!! We used to go to some of the islands around home here on some weekends...or just for a Sunday picnic....I remember scrambling up over the rocks with them old steel 40 lb coolers...potato salad...cold uncle and Dad hollering at me...."FFS...BEEE CAREFULLL....WATCH OUT for our black rum and beer"!!...heh heh heh a big winter storm hit and took out the power...friends/family and other people would find there way to our, shine...always something to eat and the old tea pot was NEVER empty!...mannnnn....I'm jogging the old memory now! Guess It's why I love it so much!

My kids and grand kids love it too...actually...I had "Coleman burnt toast" for breakfast yesterday morning..I make it in my porch(too much smoke in "her kitchen"
..had my newly made blackberry jelly on it.....MMMMMmmmmmm...I usually keep my propane stove set up out there for cooking my lobsters...mussels and corn boils too.
This is going to be a great trip!!...I'll guarantee there'll be lots of pics! Wish Dad was alive to make the trip too.....but with my friends going and my son going's alllll good now!!
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that's toooo muckin fuch!!
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Holeee crap!..You'll have to fold down the back seat to get that sukka in the VW

I just set up my Dads old canvas tent....been stored since 1995 over in my wharf
Jason gave me a hand for an hour or so...till the rain chased us inside
The tent shrunk up about 10 or 12 inches from the bottom of the poles (ground)!!....had a couple of good rains since..thunder storms last night.....never leaked a DROP!!....stretching back into shape too...bottom side skirts are now on the ground
...gotta love it!!
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David....Your ears HAD to be ringing
Jason and I were just talking about you guys yesterday...sayin it'll soon be time for them to get back and post the pics.
400 of em...goody...goody goody...
You can have tomorrow off to get it all done tonight
is that LEMON FISH FILLETS in that pan ????????...suuuuure smells like it to me
....dam I got a craving
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David....Now you're starting to freak me out mannn!!!
...My sister just gave me a bottle of Bakeapple jam last week.
...I HAD to go and get some homemade bread ASAP and "burn it up" on the Coleman....I just HAD to
Damn near ate the double loaf in a couple of mornings

...if your tarp was blue...I'd 'av said that was one of my pics

...Jason just left here and we're talkin about your guys' trip this morning..heh heh .....I'm waiting for the 17 yr story....wondering what it could be ??...were you still in the B.Lake area when you found it?...was it around "Herb's bog ??
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Jumpin cheese says rice David!!...that 16 ft table is JUST BARELY big enuff to hold all them stoves
By the looks of things, the crew was well fed and looked after on your excursion!! This thread is AWESOME....Thankx for deciding to start it bucket should be reeeeeel busy come October 9th or 10th

I Got my lists all made out...what we have and what we need...what we have yet to pack. Got the menu figgured out for 7 days not right sure of the order yet...I Think were gonna have chinese food for the first night there...deer/broccoli..egg rolls, deer/rabbit fried rice, rabbit chop suey, sweet and sour meatballs(deer/moose burger)...annnnd wash it down with the "Black Crown"...gonna have a boiled ham dinner..WITH dough boys and my salt cod in the freezer
......sausage and ham EGG FEST with fried bread dough(dootchess...doughs...toutons...whatever you want to call em) Got a pan of haddock fillets coming...prolly use the wok and the "beer batter" for that one......Jason wants some moose heart fried up....gonna need a large bottle of ridlin to calm him down for that one want to see him shake...and THATS when he's at the range tryin to kill a paper target...LMAO I had the big tent set up for the past few weeks..allll that wind and rain....didn't bother it a bit!!....just giving it a good airing out...letting it stretch back into shape, looks great. Jason picked up a couple of new white tarps for us...60 bucks on sale for 20...should be a blast!
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heh heh heh...I know...just seems like last week I got we got only 10 days left!!

They had a good frost up there last weekend...I hear It's movin da moose bye!!

I cooked a roast yesterday, sliced it up thick while it was a little extra au-jus from the roast pan...covered the roast and put it in the freezer.
Gonna add a hanmburger and NEW potatoes /onions meal(right out of my garden too
) gonna use ....deer and moose burger avec cream of mushroom soup for a gravy base. Did up a new batch of beets Sunday nite...gonna have the new chow done next week too...MMMMMMMM my salt fish...not sure if it's going as fishcakes(((my son doesn't like them
IMAGINE....MY BOY...NOT LIKING FISHCAKES:blink: still like to have his DNA tested
))))...or as huckle and buck!!...either way won't be bad

I got a couple of boxes of ropes gathered up today...getting 2 tanks of propane tomorrow....Jason is getting pretty fidgetty
he's poppin by every few days with juice, water...I'm doin alllllll this while trying to fix traps/ from hand/wrist surgery....annnnnd rebuilding my wharf!!!!!!! never a dull moment around here I tell ya!!....
it's coming together nicely tho!!...I'm gonna take the camera over to the wharf I think.....and get some stock up and "pre show pics" to start then try and organize it in steps/stages.'s almost crunch time!!
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That's the beauty of matter how bad stuff looks...once you grind the old glass a bit...the new resin will weld itself right back to it and be almost like new !!

You leave much more gear down there, you're going to have to hire someone to keep an eye on it for ya's......

pssssst....I know a guy
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4 my mouth watering David..
..I see the Crown Royal in two pictures!!!.

Did ya spoil Owen with perked coffee too ??
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Mannnn..those stainless basins are awesome ! What a great addition to any camp they'd be. We got the old plastic ones..
.careful when ya pack em, careful when ya fill em...careful when ya lift em

David, your corned meat looks awesome. I'll have to get your brine recipe.
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Lesssseeeeee.....the 22nd...check, ........the 23rd....check, .....ummmmm...thee 24th....YUP.......25th....MMMMM...sounds delicious......26th...UH HUH.......27th...check......28th...Good stuff....annnnd the 29th....the twenty niiiiinth....for sure!!

Mannnnn....WHAT AN ABSOLUTE SCOFF !!!!..The moose will be the BONUS on this trip!!
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