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Moose Meat For Sale

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I saw this add on Kijiji and I was wondering if this is legal? First time I have seen this advertised.
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NOPE. ILLEGAL. I've reported a few already.

Edit: I reported both his ads as well and sent him/her an email to the effect that what they were advertising is illegal in the event that they weren't aware
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Some people will try to sell anything. Yes it is illegal but I'm sure there are a ton of people out there that would buy it considering the price of beef. Hope he gets nailed big time. Obviously not familiar with the hunting regulations.
It says Eskasoni. Just curious as I am not sure but are Natives allowed to sell game meat? I am not saying I am for this post at all as I think its ridiculous but are they allowed to sell it?
They can try anything - maybe they would be looking to get charged - another precedent setting case !!
chances are the ones selling it are native. this stuff has been going on for years. the ones buying it are non-native because why by it if you can go get your own anytime you want some. a few years ago there was some natives netting salmon/trout in river Philip. you could follow the trail of fish along the highway(because they were falling off the truck) to where they were set up. they had a sign on the front of truck that said salmon 5 dollars each. the crappy part was they were parked less than a km from the local DNR office. not only is it illegal for them to sell these things but I would assume it is illegal to by it. if the non-natives would not buy this stuff they would have no market.
It is illegal for them to sell their FSC (Food Social & Ceremonial) caught lobster too - but they do.
deadeyes said "if the non-natives would not buy this stuff they would have no market" I AGREE 100% ! Trouble is I know some fools who consistently buy this meat. There wouldn't be a market for this if people stopped buying.
Is it legal to trade say ...Ducks for Ammo?
Does anyone even know if the ad is for real or someone just trying to stir pots? It is Kijiji and a pretty open ended site to post on. Anyone remember the crap on this site a week or so ago? Lots of trash talked that was just done to rile everyone up. Just my 2 cents but this may be a total hoax too.
I had that knee jerk reaction when I first saw the add, but it only appeared once and I am a regular to visit that site multiple times daily. My first instinct was to post about it and send a reply to the add, but thought the same thing, it might have been a troll trying to stir up a little crap. I may be wrong but I thought that the first nations poachers were given permission to sell wild game in order to eek out an existance. There is a fairly lucrative ongoing buisiness selling moose as well as escorting non native hunters on ilegal hunts, an activity which is carried out by non native hunters as well. It is a well known activity which is tolerated/supported by the local comunities and enforcement agencies. It is an accepted way of life in areas extending from one end of the province to the other.
No shock this has been going on for many years,never seen it on kijjii though.
from Kijiji today ..

"Hi, I have been selling rabbit and Ruff Neck grouse for 2 years now. I decided to post an AD i have alot of customers already so hopefully i have room for Kijiji customers. I Snare and shoot rabbit. The snareing is 15 dollars a rabbit. Shot ones are 10. We use small shot for the rabbit and grouse so it does not ruin the meat what so ever. They are skinned and preped before sale. Grouse are 5 Dollars each. If you would like any please send me and email with what you would like and if you would like. I can usually have your ordered filled within a few days. Thank you in advance."

You can copy the link to the ad and forward it to the Enforcement Division at DNR, (or DOE ...whoever the heck it is they report to... :blink: )

You can sell the rabbits...but not grouse.

They will look into it...hopefully.
to add to this a couple of guys I used to work with were up on the reserve in NB working and bought a couple of pounds of moose steak from a native , as soon as they left the reservation they were pulled over by RCMP and fined for illegal possession of moose meat , not only were they fined heavily but eventually it cost them their job as they were driving company vehicle , moral of the story crime stoppers pays more for moose meat than the guy you sold it too , there is nothing the law can do about natives selling meat but look out if you are the one buying
It is legal for Natives to sell their meat and fish. But in an effort to attack their treaty rights, the government made it illegal for non-natives to buy meats without a permit and they stopped selling those permits. They hoped to stop the sale of native caught meat altogether. Now when charging Natives, they don't charge them for selling the meat, they charge the Natives with accessory to buy along with the non-native buyers. Just another way to pit the populace against each other.
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