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Peterson's Hunting has a good article on the 17WSM. The round was derived from their 25cal nail gun cartridge. It does outperform the 17HRM. The latter is a very accurate round and fun to shoot. Do I need a new 17? Do I have a gap in my gun collection? It stopped being about need some time ago. It is now just about fun.

So in my case it will come down to price for ammo. Is it significantly cheaper than my 22/250 (Winchester $35 for 40 rounds) and are the new guns unique or particularly nice?

When I target shoot big game rounds I often start with my 17HRM. It is very accurate at 100 yards and great warm up, cheap with no recoil. If I didn't have the 17HRM I would seriously research and consider the new 17WSM. I probably will anyway.

Be safe and have fun.
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