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Original "Instructions for your Winchester model 59" owners manual - $10

Found this old manual for my dad's shotgun while rummaging around. The gun is long gone, but thought it might be of interest or use to someone who may be fortunate enough to own on, and need a manual. 🙂

To this day dad's Mod 59 with its aluminum receiver and Winlite barrel is the nicest shooting shotgun I've ever used. Nostalgic perhaps, but holy smokes did he ever kill a pile of ducks, geese, pheasants, Hungarian partridge and grouse with that shotgun. As a young fella I would stare at the engraved images of ducks and duck hunters & pheasant hunting on the opposite side of the receiver, and dream about when I would be the 'hunter' in those scenes.

Located in Truro area, but will mail it if paid in advance. Contact me through the site or email [email protected]

Thanks for looking... "Get DOWN they're up! Get UP they're down!"

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