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Hearing from my brother that to set up a booth this year is $8000. He said Lequilles the biggest usually there at the show is not going because of the hike..Can't see many willing to pay that.
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You don't garden then:p Trying to beat mother nature and all her bugs bacteria etc is definitely an expensive sport that she plays to win and does most years :( or sure feels like it :) More physical also than many sports
Don't let Trudeau hear you ,,, he'll want your hoe, and fertilizer next,,,lol
Never went, went and bought beef ribs to salt down tomorrow, wouldn't want to buy a side of beef that's forsure...
Anybody price beef ribs lately? $11.65 a pound ,9 lb cost $104.85,,, love those ribs,,,lol
Not much meat on 9 lb after you take out the bone maybe if your lucky 2 lb. wouldn't want to know what the steak would cost. talk about price gouging
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