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Recently looking at getting some new replacements of my " stuff " I regularly use on firearms for glass bedding...refinishing..etc. I almost hacked up a batch of new born kittens !!! WOWZERS !!!

First up...circa 1850. Bout 7 or 8 yrs ago, I bought a gallon at Kent ((well...3.68 liters))...39.99 plus taxes. So I was going to grab another gallon a few days ago....75.00 PLUS the frills !!!!!
WHAT THE ???/.....I ended up paying 24 and change for a small liter...946 mls !!
Mannn alive, glad there's still a bit of profit left over for corporate Irving!

Second go round...
I have a few of my rifles to restock and glass bed. Been using Devcon 10110 for probably 12-15 yrs on most jobs...some Brownells Acra Glass and Acra Glass Gel in between there too. Called Stellar Industries, company I dealt with for years for different things for the boat. I haven't bought a box of Devcon in 6-7 yrs. It was 46 bucks then for the 1 lb box / kit. Spoke to Tom yesterday I told him what I last paid and figured it'd be up some. Then he said, you're in 1 box left...then he said you sittin I said. He hits me with ...IT'S 110.00 BUCKS plus taxes now !!! I ever lucky !
I thanked him for his time and told him I'd get back to him in a day or two. Checked with Amazon, they have it...118.99 plus shipping(non prime) dayyyuuuummmm !!

Sooo, maybe I'll go the Acra Glass route. Did lots of rifles with it...never any issues. My last Acra Glass kit was 44 bucks...all in. Probably 4-5 yrs ago, come from Epps IIRC.
Called Basspro to see if they had any...I might just as well been talking to the vet about a breech birth pony !!!!
Looked around... Just checked with RustyWoods (my new goto place for some regular stuff I use)...79.00 (gel) and 75.00 (glass) bucks respectively !!!!!! plus the taxes and shipping of course. I really THAT out of touch on these and hundreds of other products ?? I realize companies have to make a profit, but do they have to make it all on the first guy thru the door ??
A day later and I'm still shaking the kittens out of my throat !!
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We blanch and freeze if we cant use it right away. Canning veg takes nutrients away unless you use the liquids
Anything i can bottle (jams, jellies, deer,bear, moose) gets bottled. Nothing like a bottle of moose or deer when camping in the summer.
A complete kitchen Reno can run over $40k, im doing a bathroom now and over $3500 in material already. By the time i add labor its over $5000.
Their costs go up and they keep the same mark up % so revenues increase as part of the money tied up in stock interest
I did a few accounting courses and every little bit adds up quickly over time
Talk about sticker shock, i was out running errands yesterday and stopped for gas, then i decided to grab a bag of chips and a drink. 😲 gas was $50 and the chips and drink was $7 !! The snack went as i wasnt paying that, im still in shock
Theyre on FB to see the weekly sale
This week features grapes 0.97
Loin pork chops 1.47
A bunch of deli meat and snack kits
We usually go every week and "save" more than we spend. Its worth the drive, bring more bags than you think youll need and be patient its always busy.
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I was in bass pro looking for a brush for my muzzie and nothing in stock but i could buy the entire kit for "most" rifles for $50, i passed
The sticker shock was when i went looking for 20ga shells, 1 box in stock $25. The sticker shock was right beside it, a box of 5 - 410 turkey $129.99!! 5 shells, be cheaper to go to sobeys
I think i got some for $35
Well , speaking on Coleman Fuel , have a look on Amazon $489 for a Cokeman Stove , Home Hardware .ca lists them at $ 325 , Canadian tire has no listing for the traditional pump style only the propane bottle one at $180 plus taxes on all of course
If ya need one ive got a spare stove and about 4 spare lanterns
The hounds get pedigree vitality plus cans of mackerel. The bag went from $38 to $56, every 2 weeks.
The can mackerel $1 to $3 IF they have it and at 3 cans a week it adds up but they're worth it
We picked up a few groceries today and a piece of salmon for the smoker. Unexpected company had a royal treat of candied salmon right from the smoker with a handful of beet crackers and grapes.
Tasty stuff didn't take long to disappear.
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