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Recently looking at getting some new replacements of my " stuff " I regularly use on firearms for glass bedding...refinishing..etc. I almost hacked up a batch of new born kittens !!! WOWZERS !!!

First up...circa 1850. Bout 7 or 8 yrs ago, I bought a gallon at Kent ((well...3.68 liters))...39.99 plus taxes. So I was going to grab another gallon a few days ago....75.00 PLUS the frills !!!!!
WHAT THE ???/.....I ended up paying 24 and change for a small liter...946 mls !!
Mannn alive, glad there's still a bit of profit left over for corporate Irving!

Second go round...
I have a few of my rifles to restock and glass bed. Been using Devcon 10110 for probably 12-15 yrs on most jobs...some Brownells Acra Glass and Acra Glass Gel in between there too. Called Stellar Industries, company I dealt with for years for different things for the boat. I haven't bought a box of Devcon in 6-7 yrs. It was 46 bucks then for the 1 lb box / kit. Spoke to Tom yesterday I told him what I last paid and figured it'd be up some. Then he said, you're in 1 box left...then he said you sittin I said. He hits me with ...IT'S 110.00 BUCKS plus taxes now !!! I ever lucky !
I thanked him for his time and told him I'd get back to him in a day or two. Checked with Amazon, they have it...118.99 plus shipping(non prime) dayyyuuuummmm !!

Sooo, maybe I'll go the Acra Glass route. Did lots of rifles with it...never any issues. My last Acra Glass kit was 44 bucks...all in. Probably 4-5 yrs ago, come from Epps IIRC.
Called Basspro to see if they had any...I might just as well been talking to the vet about a breech birth pony !!!!
Looked around... Just checked with RustyWoods (my new goto place for some regular stuff I use)...79.00 (gel) and 75.00 (glass) bucks respectively !!!!!! plus the taxes and shipping of course. I really THAT out of touch on these and hundreds of other products ?? I realize companies have to make a profit, but do they have to make it all on the first guy thru the door ??
A day later and I'm still shaking the kittens out of my throat !!
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The rule of thumb now is about 3x whatever you were paying. A can of spray primer at CT self etch was $9.99, now $35.00 out the door, a can. Just look at the flyers. A cheap shop vac that was $99 is now $300.The flyers had a batt of insulation that you could get for $50, now pretty well $150. I am going to paint some rooms in the house? A gallon of paint now is $60 plus before taxes. It used to be the cheapest thing one could do to spruce up the house. At this rate each room will be about $300.Imagine someone hiring a person to do it. How are some people going to keep the maintenance up? One has to look around now because the gouging is crazy. Stores down here like Bargain Harleys will be doing well. For those that don't know they have a big house, power equipment clearance warehouse now. Yes his prices went up but nothing like the ordinary stores. Bought some scent lock, water proof hunting pants yesterday $29.00 Person going to have to do more themselves and be trifty.
Best I have seen so far is the small plastic plug that you find on your car, holding the wheel well plastic on, plastic trim etc. Used them all the time. Went to get a pack of 10 the other day as that's how they usually came. The clerk says are you sure you want 10, I said what do you mean, he says they are now $10 each WTF
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Amazon , bulk packs of mixed ones , $26 for a 1000, I kid you not
Yes my brother told me that. This was a local store, but I noticed Napa and CT have marked theres up insanely also. I bet there made for 10 cents.
Here TS ,It was $31 to the door, every type you need on your vehicle , well worth it View attachment 99866
View attachment 99867
Scandalous when you think the dealers are probably getting them from the same place.
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Old deck screws it is then . Lol
Or the old rivet gun 😀
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Hoping it pushes more and more people to old style homesteading life so when they try to come for our way of living which they already are will be much harder. Liberal logic: carbon tax for environment… meanwhile more and more people are firing up the wood stoves again because cleaner energy is more expensive because of it . Lol
Problem is many people are in residential areas where bylaws shut you down. I always believed in having land so I have a couple wood lots close by that I can obtain at least free fire wood. Might have to plant a garden who knows the way things are going, but then the deer would be in it and I would have to shoot them 😀 Meat, vegetables, and heat, what more.
Canned a ton at one time when the MIL was alive but not now ( nothing like Kevin BUT a lot) just beets and pickles normally now since my girls won't eat that stuff plus that is far from cheap any more Like 75 bucks last year to make my beets ( my beets) since I had to buy bottles etc . The bottles seem to vanish no matter how many one has plus now being diabetic that canning has to stop from the sugar :( Have a brand new cabelas dehydrator in the garage for about 4 years now never out of the box just don;t seem to get around to trying it
12x20 will give you a nice crop if laid out right and won't kill you taking care of it Most try to focus on the veggies that cost more like tomatoes etc not the cheap stuff when space is limited
We blanch and freeze with the vacuum sealer also but after a few months IMO just don't taste the same and a lot gets tossed out of the freezer
Weeding and watering are every month not just dry ones and here i pay for water and with garden and greenhouse 400 / 500 bucks a bill is normal during those months which is more cost many don't consider to be added to the saving ones thinks they are getting Most days the drippers are running 8-12 hours steady and that adds up when on a meter

Not trying to be negative just honest hobby gardens great and save some cash if managed right and get the taste you cannot but trying to save your total or most costs of veggies for the year expensive to do and take s a ton of your time and savings if any are not what some think

Like I put 100's of pounds of potatoes away wife says this week those potatoes left are getting full of sprouts and soft and might have a week or so left to use for eating so I will be buying potatoes soon and I planted 300 plants last year over 300 feet and the straw alone to cover them to keep the weeds down was 120 bucks and the seed potatoes with shipping from NB ( could not get any pei last year due to that wart) over 200 bucks add water, my time, fertilizer ( three times), compost etc Expensive potatoes to grow vs buying IMO but the taste is worth it which is why I do it not to save any money or my bud who lost all of his due to a late blight had 500 plants in
Gardening is tough and expensive to do I find here lately as our climate has changed and we have not figured it out yet or at least I have not seeing bugs and weeds I have never seen before also that don't respond to normal treatments either

For me it's not about saving money but about enjoying time spent outdoors and watching things grow and producing better tasting produce than you can get from your local grocery store.

Maybe some gardeners save money, but I'm not one of them.
We have just to much rock on the mountain where I have lands, one is like granite the other they call rotten rock, some thing to do with years and years ago ice flows / volcanos. I remember talking to an excavator driver once and he told me when it comes to the north mountain in the valley its best to drive over than trying to move as most rock is bigger than a car you would be there for an eternity. Even the years of trying a deer plot is almost impossible. About the only thing a person can do is scrape the ground and throw down clover. All the nice lands are now pretty well residential.
Crazy! When will it end? Will triple the price be next?
That is the formula now being used it seems. To bad people pay was not the same.
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are those companies gouging the retailers ?? is their cost now doubled too ?? doubt it really.
I am trying to figure out why CT prices are sky rocketing. There quoted prices for stock is almost 3x now for the same at Walmart. I pretty well live a CT and see quite a change lately. I mentioned before we have two hardware stores side by side. The difference in price between the two on the same item can be considerable. It seems to me (like people selling guns) mark it up like crazy and some fool may buy it. Pretty well the logic I see in 2023
Years ago met a guy in the lumber yard / hardware store business. For years I have made sure my repairs, building materials went through him and we became friends. After my repeated business they make an attempt to give me a discount or contractor price for my business. I have friends that will drive an hour to home depot etc. No deals, then if you need service you have to go all the way back there. Does not make a lot of sense to me. Sometimes buying from that local guy in a small community pays off. Remodeling the kitchen this week, trade off for the side by side 😀 I guess its back to work, the weather is making travel to the gun show questionable.
Agree 100% I do the same with building supplies, the bakery ,mechanical shop. hardware store etc etc plus as a result they are also now every one of them some of our best flower customers
As one owner says local boys take care of local boys and we all try when we can to support each other and even when they can't match a price within reason they get a shot at it first and many times I pay more just to support our customers Which is all anyone can ask . In fact talking to some today about hanging some greenhouse signs on their properties and inside their stores No problem at all
Try to do that in home depot NOT going to happen and stuff like that IMO is PRICELESS
Christ a kitchen remodel that is worth the same as a SXS now :(
No its me the laborer dragging my sore busted body around doing the work. I always refused getting someone to do stuff (cuts into my gun money 😀) Walls are plastered, primed, new counter top and range hood ordered, now have to go look at backsplash tiles. These are hunting brownie points. One coat of paint done today as I think about the gun show 😀
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Just picked up some pills at supervalue this time 10.21 fee no idea why It seems to change for me every time last one was 8.95 last week
The extra goes to the Trudeau foundation 😀
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Loblaws makes 529 million record profit in the last three months. Poor souls 😀
Loblaws makes 529 million record profit in the last three months. Poor souls 😀
I believe this was only in Ottawa stores 😀
You want sticker shock just check out the price of a used vehicle, not to mention a new one. The price of a fully loaded full size half ton with 4x4 is something I never thought I would see in my life time. Even the quarter pounders like the ford rangers are pricey. I’m too old for a scooter😟
But when there banned the good thing is EV's will be much cheaper for everyone.😀 😀 😀
Average Price of a new Vehicle (Car ) taxes in is $40 grand , then you go to a SUV is $45-50 Grand taxes in well lets go to trucks , average price and this is lower end Toyata for example is $48 grand Try to find one on a dealers lot , they and every smaller truck is $60 grand easy , Then we go little bigger your $80 grand , you want real full size and the options to boot $100 - $130 grand , We take a drive on Sundays after going with the dogs for walk and check out who is selling trucks and who is not Chev dealer has full size trucks with sticker prices in thd window of $100-$134 grand plue taxes and your lovely 4.9% if you qualify ! ! Most likely going get 6.9 -8 % on that deal . Never thought I see the day I have give my left N$t fo r down payment as well .

now as I said average , yes some dealers of lower quality you get maybe $30 grand out the door , but you get now what you paid for And you will never see me in a Kia !
Neighbor has a newer full size F150 Ford. He had the thought of going for the EV F150. They quoted him $140,000 and upwards depending on model. Really what people could afford that and if you could does it really make any sense. My wifes rich brother and wife bought a Tesla. They told us recently that there whole day is consumed (logistically) just to keep the dam thing charged. They are now back to using there gas driven vehicle.
Only you and 3D would even know that existed :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: not us poor people
No he is right, Trudeau announced that back last year.
How do you know that are you one of those hidden rich people here always poor mouthing :D:D and fooling us Sure don't seem it owning levers :LOL: one step up from a good stick Word is you bought every lever they had left in stock :ROFLMAO:
Its sad to think stuff you worked hard for will end up becoming useless, worthless, one will not even be able to pass it on to your children. I have a friend that looked at my Kubota tractor, 5 years old, mint condition, 150 hours and said years ago tractors were handed down from one generation to another, many are still going today, you'll be lucky if you get another 5 years of run time on yours before banned, same as my truck, same as my antique vehicle, etc, etc. What will be the incentive for many to work?. Like has been said, if you cannot afford to run the vehicle you have now how could you do it with an EV?
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In Q3 2022 Statistics Canada’s reports the highest EV new registration quarter for Canada at 8.7 per cent of all new vehicles which is quite a difference from 3.5% less than 2 years ago Vancouver is 17 1/2 %. So lots starting to buy them
Your right you will see the main cities converting first
About a month ago a dodge dealer had listed 30 or so on there lot they got in (all used). They all were around three years old, all with very little klm's 3000 6000 klm's. The one that went the furthest was around $149,000. I wondered why someone would get rid of them with the low mileage around three years old? I think there is a lot out there like Trudeau that think borrowing money is the way to go. I know of you people financing $120,000 trucks?
My guess a fleet of rentals bought at auction just like they buy gas ones from rentals lots of rental companies with EV now and a good way for people to get to try one Know 100% budget has rentals of a variety of Tesla's since the manager here is a good friend of my wife and my daughter
Imagine financing a used EV at $149,000.warrantee running out.
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