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Select Shooting Supplies has sent out a similar warning about 2022 and prices.

On one hand, it's not new. Prices have been going up by more than inflation in recent years. The common 10/22 carbine was $260 at CT in Greenwood in 2014, now I see $440 at Cabelas for same model. A "bulk" package of Winchester 223 with 40 rounds has doubled in price between 2015 and 2019 - even before COVID hit (have not seen it for sale anywhere lately). All centerfire rifle calibers were roughly doubling in price in the 5 years prior to COVID. Federal 223 bulk pack of 100 rounds FMJ was $54 at Nova Tactical in fall of 2019, now about $85 at online retailers. So will the history of firearms and ammunition inflation continue into 2022? Likely.

On the other hand, the way to ensure the consumer demand stays hot, is to create warnings like these. Even if they were not true before, they become true when people react and keep up the demand.

I'm all set for many years of hunting ammunition, as it truthfully doesn't consume much of my supply.

For target shooting, I think a person has to be rich to shoot any rifle or handgun other than 22LR, 9MM or 223/5.56. Not sure what's happening with shotgun target rounds but I did see some 100 round Winchester bulk in CT that was still reasonably priced.
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