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Rasorbackqs Weather Prediction.

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Besides all the other stuff I do I have decided to take up weather forecasting.

At this point I can not predict the snow fall just precipitation.amounts.

This is my second year doing this so I am going on the record as this is what will happen.

I can forecast the weather only as far as 6 months.

Remember last season how the snow fall started on Jan 26th. I predicted an amount of precipitation rain or snow in Jan . Then Feb would have twice that amount and then Mar would have twice the snow as Feb.

Then April ,May and June would be dryer months.

So Here it is .

My forecast.

Jan Will have a little snow.

Feb will be just a little more snow

March will be just a little more snow then Feb.

April will be a little more precipitation then Mar

May will be slightly more then April and

June will be slightly more then May.

So to some it up from Jan to June there will be a slight increase of precipitation either snow or rain . My forecast does not see any major precipitation amounts in any months.

Just a slight rise from the month before.

So this is how its done.

A pig spleen



So take the second pic divide it into 6 equal segments (6 months)

Starting from the left is Jan

Look at the thickness as it increases over the next 5 months.

Looks like the precipitation in June will be 4-5 X more then Jan

So there you have it.

Last years spleen in Jan was say 1/4 thick . Feb was 1/2 thick Mar was 3/4 thick . April dropped to 3/8 May was 1/4 " and June was 1/8th .

Watch out Cindy Day and that Cody guy.

I could be after your jobs!!
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So yesterday we harvested a 688lb sow . Shes been around for 5 years but has failed to produce any piglets for 3 years.
Shes was at the end of her rope. Her spleen was 24 " long. Very long and not seen one that long before.
So weather predictions as Big Red (pig) tells it. For next 6 months.
Dec lots of precipitation
Jan lots of precipitation
Feb little less precipitation
Mar little less precipitation
April a lot less precipitation
May looks dry
Sounds real good to me other than January . The funny part is you have been pretty dam accurate in the past
Big Red (pig ) has been right so far . . But on a bright side we are in for less precipitation as the months go by
Sure has. Where was all this rain in aug and sept
Just got a $ 290.00 water bill for 95 days use mainly from keeping the garden going :(
That's cheap you should live in HRM. I never watered anything and had a $244 bill.
WOW are you serious I get two 400 in greenhouse season and then normal would be like 160 each for the last two
You must pay that gutter /drain waste water charge what ever is it like my sister living up there do you
You pay for water in and water out. It's ridiculous. Now they want to slap on a 6% increase in property taxes too. Assessments will be up too and they got a big windfall from all the deed transfer taxes. HRM is a money pig.
Yep agree same as my sister does up there From listing to Tim last night on the news the 6% has nothing to do with government so they will not help and the HRM will make it happen
Take care
All those come from aways who bought 100k + over asking price for properties are going to be in a shock when they realize how ridiculous taxes are in NS.
Maybe some but most IMHO they won't care
Friends sister just went back to Ontario Monday because their house sold after 6 months on the market sold for 1.2 million last week up there
The home they got here may have cost them 150K and they say similar so they have a lot of extra money for taxes Plus she could not wait to retire from the covid ward in Ontario :( to get back home after 40 years
take care
Can one imagine if this was snow we would have 10 feet :(
Was in Bridgewater at 0900 today. Sunny very sunny. Get home still pissing down out here.
Rained like crazy here last night. Took the maybe 3" of snow we had and now the winds must be gusting to 110 or better
Crazy winter on the cape
On the sun normally this time of year on the sunny afternoons the greenhouse(s) get up to 70 or better just from the sun so I can go down and do some work
Not this year so far maybe 3 days and have a ton to do before April 1st :( May have to turn the furnaces on which I have never had to do in 10 years doing this
We just got freezing rain. and not much. Just a 1/4 crust of the snow this morning. . Did I mention I love my 72 " snowblower on my tractor.
If a cab and heat I would love it too :)
We had a good foot in Hebbville. Very little freezing rain.
No health care no food etc etc no nothing and you think Justin doesn't know where you live:p
We got more then 12 " maybe 18" lots of drifts 4 ft '. Some spots no snow . But never where we needed to move it.
Oh BTW its not a heated cab .... OPEN to the elements
Then I would sooner walk behind my honda blowers since I have had both and froze to death sitting on an open tractor
My pigs were right again with the prediction.Another hot one with no rain in site.
They sure were
take care
Harvested 3 pigs on Saturday.
all spleens predict little precipitation over 3 months and then even less next 3 months.
Not much rain or snow til Xmas.
Nice Ok with no snow but man we need rain :(
Thanks for the update
I forecast less then average rain fall next 6 months. Lite drizzle here for 1 hr this morning. Rain barrels are far from full.
This is one year I wish your pigs were wrong but they have been accurate every year you have been doing this here so far
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