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Razorbacks Work..

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hey all, i just wanted to say how happy i am with the euro mount that steve did for me... great price an great work.... thanks again bud.

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Wife's making comments about the new mounts. Couple new ones to replace the ones I sold. All the baby * mounts are SOLD. One went to Exit 11 area from103 and the other to Miramache NB.
Hard to keep them in stock.
Baby **** roadkill seasons just around the corner.
I presume those are baby raccoon mounts you're talking about?
An amazing amount of work involved. I've often wondered but have never seen anything as detailed as what you are showing us. Its very easy to understand why mounts cost so much when you see all this!
In 1978 a guy mounted a Blue Jay (that had died mysteriously) for me. Charged me $15 or $20 which even then I thought was very reasonable. Especially since he probably shouldn't have even touched it!
Do you need a special permit to mount an owl?
Yes its a salvage permit . Free from DNR if its a roadkill. Have had accidental trap catches and will not give a permit for those. Stopped for 4-5 bird of prey over last year but they are hit to hard. Seems a few are in same area . Barred owls are very common here in NS.
1 - 4 of 367 Posts