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Razorbacks Work..

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hey all, i just wanted to say how happy i am with the euro mount that steve did for me... great price an great work.... thanks again bud.

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very nice work and realistic looking placements!
I like the in progress pics, since I don't know anything about taxidermy:)
I certainly had no idea, the racoon and Cat look awesome.
Very interesting, thanks for showing more in progress pictures.
Just out of curiosity with the work you did on the form for the cat head, what are the form s made of? some sort of plastic?
Thanks for the info, all good to know.
Never to old to learn something new.
I agree, never too old to learn something new.
The Otter looks great!
The bear and the cat look great.
This is a great thread you have going rasor.
Very nice !
Looking good!
So is this more of an old school way to do this?
Looks good.
What a difference! excellent work!
All very nice but I like the owl best as well.
excellent work as always rasorback
I like it! nice mount.
1 - 15 of 367 Posts