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So back to the coyote teenager. ..... Planned to get pics but things went of the rails. . Problem after problem.
After getting the body sewed up the rear calf and ankles are too large and needed to be made smaller so skin would reach . . Wound thread and pulled tightly so material would get smaller. As soon as I started I knew the next issue . Going to see the ripples in the area . Wish the yote was not a fall roadkill as more hair can hide stuff. . Then the habitat. Thought the stump might be too big .
Wood Natural material Art Artifact Horn

Then I thought of a snow scene with grass and brush. I've never done one before.
Plant Window Wood Twig Grass

After waiting for amazon snow to arrive and made a huge mess 2 times I scrapped all that.
Back to what I can do .
Wood Natural material Plywood Hardwood Soil
Wood Natural material Fur Hide Soil

Cover the board with Elmers glue and drop sand , dirt soil on it. Let dry . Flip over in morning stuff not attached falls off.
Attach yote
Wood Natural material Artifact Fur Fossil

I did add more dirt to the white area under the stump.
Didn't see it til I posted the pic.
Finished mount
Wood Fawn Art Felidae Terrestrial animal

Wood Art Plant Terrestrial animal Tail

Yote leaping for something . Client hasnt got it yet. He was hoping for a rabbit but none left in province.

So no money made with the mount.
$350 fox form not used yet.
$50 for snow not used yet
$10 for spray glue for snow. Not used yet.
30 hrs time PRICELESS

As of now all my taxidermy work is done for the season.
Hope you enjoy the process.
361 - 365 of 365 Posts