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We need some laughter

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With all the crap on here lately its time to lighten the mood
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I crap in the woods not here and proved that last week :p. Here we discuss what is really taking place around us in canada in particular with our guns and we cannot run and hide from it just because we don't agree. It is not going to go away
I get lots of laughter every time someone says the PC and PP will save us
Love the thunderstick one :)
Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your son. Nothing in life more beautiful or important than that
All the best
Here is some laughter for you guys. Went to fill the truck today about 3/8 full at the time to the tune of 138 bucks and used my mastercard which I always do so the mrs pays vs sock money and declined WTF
Had to use sock money and got home and made a call seems my card has been locked since someone ran it to it's max of 10 grand in the last 24 hours and MC says it will take about a month to investigate to see what they will do
This is the second time with them in 5 years last time they covered it since all the charges were made in england but this time they are here and not sure they said what they will cover
NICE. It's that dam tap feature IMHO
Congrats to you Dave, and to your family on the new addition.

Sorry to hear about your credit card being hacked, Joe. Wait til your buddy goes to a total cashless society. These types of things will be the new norm ... even moreso than they are now
Cashless as you say is coming 100% been years since my girls carried or used cash
Second time for this dick canadian tire master card wife has a visa and never been hacked. What pisses me off is they have to investigate which may take a month a nd not sure if all will be taken care of
Take care
Thanks for the comments guys!

I feel for your buddy about the credit card. We are currently dealing with a hacked bank account ourselves. My wife yesterday as soon as we got home had her baby brain kick in I guess and she clicked on a text link that said she had an e transfer she had forgot to accept and apparently the 1999999999 phone number from “Ahmed” wasn’t obvious enough to her and she entered all her online Bank login info. Sigh….. so immediately we called bank and locked everything up and now today we’re phoning every automatin bill we have to change billing account and make sure they didn’t already try and miss. So that’s lots of fun. Haha
I hear you. I wish it was my buddy but it is my card :(
Oh li think I misread something along the way. I had a bogus charge show up on my credit card last year, few hundred bucks at a Quebec casino or something. Lol. Mastercard cleared that real quick and sent me new card though.
I'm on the hook for almost 10G ( sure hope they fix it ) and the wife blames me for the shady places I visit and purchase from she says :rolleyes:
Two years ago I had money in a Tangerine acc, and some one got into their system and dinged a lot of us. They got all the money in my Tangerine acc, got access to my local bank and drained that, borrowed a huge amount in my name , got into my CRA account and were in the process of having my Canada pension and Old age Secutity checks transfered to them when I found out all this was going on. Total Identity Theft. I was successful in getting reimbursed, but I was on the computer almost everyday for about 2 months, contacting the RCMP, the Credit Card People, insurance people, and getting my personal credit rating restored. And the worst of it is that they have your Social Security info and you never know if they are coming back..
Wow that is one of the worst cases I have ever heard. They say it will be at least a month before I know what is going to take place
On a happy note up to five hummingbirds which is a lot for me :)
Lol university by then will be passe and a good trade will be the thing, theres already a shortage of trades workers
They have a real hard time today to get kids into trades. trades mean physical WORK and getting dirty , cold or wet with dirt or grease on your hands and as they say not for me.
Some yes but not like it was when we were that age. My bud still teaches millwright and says they have to get people from all over the world now just to fill the class
Sitting ona computer starting at 40 bucks an hour in clean air conditioning it what they want today
I've always remembered this guys comments on another site I visit:p and could be any one of my sisters 3 boys:(

Because any way you slice it, most trade jobs suck and in my experiences, so do a lot of people in them. I don’t want to spend the majority of my life doing shitty, unfulfilling work (often 60+ hours a week) alongside people I don’t relate to at all. Is there something strange about that? I don’t think there is. Don’t get me wrong, many of them are also very competent in their field and do great work, but most of the time that’s where it ends. I don’t want to work with people whom the majority of smoke cigarettes, gamble, drink excessively, are fat despite “working their ass off”, and try to bully and intimidate you if they feel like they can. I hate to say it, but I haven’t met too many blue-collar people that I can say I respect enough to want to work with —let alone work under. I know some people aren’t going to like what I wrote, but that’s the opinion I’ve come up with
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We went from doom and bad luck to life this thread !!
What are you talking about just go to the first post and I laugh every time I see it was Tim:p:p
A day late but good morning to you also walter and everyone here and have a great day
I am here alone trying to run the greenhouse business for the mrs of course she had to go to halifax on opening day for the daughters graduation
which is no.1
Don't get time to pee between 8.00 and 8. but Ok with that since we have a huge bill to pay this year and actually had our second biggest day yesterday in 10 years and not even the weekend
Sure hope it keeps up

Have fun buckmark and be safe and don't break any laws:p
Likely a lot of people won’t like what he wrote! I know lots of professional people that drink,smoke and gamble. Some fat one too. What a FKEN AHOLE. Likely a lot of people that wouldn’t want to even be around this guy let alone to work with him.
Agree 3D but sadly he is not alone in the way some kids think today :(
How is the golf going for you this year. Hope you are finding the time to get a few rounds in
Take care
Golf is great!!!
Playing really well and 4-5 times a week, aaaahhhh life is good.
Except when it’s comes to hgs😡😡😡
Glad to hear
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