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What are these stainless steel objects?

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I found these in my Dad's stuff. He stored them with his military service pins and cuff links and so on, but I'd think they could be related to his career with aviation maintenance. They thread into each other.
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I think I've found the answer. They are extensions for aircraft jack system. They go into an "inner slide tube" and allow for a "load cell" to be connected for measuring the weight.

This web page isn't the same brand/model, but it has the same concept:


I believe they are interested in determining the plane's center of gravity with these tools.
My Dad had worked on a complete overhaul of a Skybolt acrobatic aircraft in the 90's.

I've posted them on kijiji for anyone that might have a matching model of jack these would work with.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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