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Winter Storms

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Well another Down pour and high wind Event is on our way , and with no frost in many places there will be some flooding in the usual places and not so usual places . Many are still not fixed up from Fiona as we all can still see tarps on roofs , homes still need repairs , it's been tough winter for those people .

My biggest damages are fallen trees this yr , makes good for fire wood but same time it's still time consuming with luck not as costly as has been for some .

Our winters have gone from snow in mid to late Oct. to most times now Dec.or January , no freeze overs stay in place , Spring like temps coming right after a good snow fall and gone in days , maybe a week . Northern communities like always still get the snow more than lower part of the Cape . Their big issue is wash outs now , more intense rains and aging ( just about everywhere now ) infrastructure not holding up these 100 yr storms that come in now yearly .

100-130 km winds for the Cape depending on location , heavy rains up to 50 mm are more normal now than yrs prior , when snow storms do occur here it's mixed precip and heavy to remove , slushy at times just down right miserable to remove .

Yes it's part of climate change but our planet has never stopped with climate change , it's bedn happening for eons of time , political figures try to say man is the issue , yes and no We are helping the planet speed it up but the Earth itself is quite capable of looking after itself . Just look at scientific evidence of last Ice Age the planet changed the climate with out any evidence of man whats so ever or interference from us and still it survived and rejvenated it self once again on it's own .

Coastal erosion has taken place again since the planet emerged , shaping the land scape as it wished , continents have been coastal eroded as they have been formed and land masses pushed while doing so .

This is only the tip of why we in our area are experiencing now different weather patterns , the change of the Jet stream as well causes a big part for us , we are lucky now , yrs back massive snow storms 2-3 a week of 20-40 cm was normal , huge snow dumps everywhere still melting till May or June in some places , And yes I can remember a June snowfall .

On other side we are not so lucky with this newer style winter , cause the storms have gotten more intense , more violent and more damages . Same token people need to be more prepared and stop taking for granted everything and start looking after themselves better . Some simply sit back and don't do anything , and it does not take money every time to simply get up and trim a tree , or fasten things down or simply take apart other things and put in a safer place , simple things don't take money but it does take effort and there lies a bigger problem they hope someone else will pick up after them and bail them out for simple lack of a little effort and time getting things done .

Not calling anyone out on here , we can all help if possible but then again the help must be appreciated and accepted by those needing it .

Anyways stay safe and hunker down it's gonna get nasty out there.
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Bunny hunt tomorrow 馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃槀
Might be shorts and a tshirt lol
We got 2in maybe decent temps today brought that down by half, by noon tomorrow itll be like shooting javex bottles in summer. Im not complaining at all
We got 8-10inches light fluffy stuff. The hounds went out this morning and rolled around in it acting crazy. Came back to the door with a snow crown. I might have to fire up the snow blower for the first time in 2 years lol
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Wife said the storm started here so i looked out the window, then closed the curtains. Big wet snow flakes blowing around out there and an inch or so down.
Ill check again after dark lol
We got about 5inches of snow, this morning its heavy slush. Dumb young fella doing fishtails out the road this morning and found a ditch blocking the road, i had to get him out before i could get out
Snow and slush was gone last night when i got back, this morning its all back lol
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The mess has started here, ground is almost white but its not happening fast yet
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