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Winter Supper

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Striper66, ask and ye shall receive!

On another thread 3Macs posted a pic of his goo lash as he calls it, with apparently way too many onions and garlic, lol. Striper66 suggested we have a winter supper topic so let’s do just that.

let’s try not to let this get hijacked too badly like every other thing we talk about. Let’s try keep it to “winter” meals I guess. Those suppers you make or ate growing up when the weather is miserable. Classic comfort food for a stormy winter.

I will be making a Dutch dish here soon, possibly supper tonight, called boerenkool. I will take some photos of it as I go.
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Yes thats brothers deli, whenever i go to the army navy store i go across the street for pepperoni. If i stop by and don't get the wife honey garlic she gets cranky.
Brothers is on Agricola street across from Rons navy, not Robie as said in previous post.
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