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Winter Supper

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Striper66, ask and ye shall receive!

On another thread 3Macs posted a pic of his goo lash as he calls it, with apparently way too many onions and garlic, lol. Striper66 suggested we have a winter supper topic so let’s do just that.

let’s try not to let this get hijacked too badly like every other thing we talk about. Let’s try keep it to “winter” meals I guess. Those suppers you make or ate growing up when the weather is miserable. Classic comfort food for a stormy winter.

I will be making a Dutch dish here soon, possibly supper tonight, called boerenkool. I will take some photos of it as I go.
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Jasper’s 24 hour restaurant on George Street in Sydney (late seventies) had what they called a Chilli Size on the menu. A big oval hamburger paddy on an oval bun topped off with Mexican chilli with French fries on the side. This was just what a fellow needed three in the morning after several drafts the evening before.
Maybe I will have to try and duplicate the Chilli Size at home and rename it Hot and Heavy or……
Loved Jaspers on George St into the 90s ate there many times grownig up into my 20s b4 it closed for good .
Spanish Onions , with Eggs in a basket of homemade bread smeared with garlic butter on both sides and browned to perfection with yolks just soft enough to be runny but cooked right . One of my comfort foods yr round .
We just had a big scoff of homemade fish cakes and beans made with Halibut , enough for 2 days worth . Wife made homemade bread on sunday and double loaf did not last with that meal . Certain meals just taste better in winter months .
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As for Donair meat , the truly best I ever had was from a butcher in Fredricton , hand made donair meat that he would do up in sausage either with wild game , by itself or by the pound for your own use . It was even better than a donair /sub shop that was right around the corner from Smooth Hermans and a haunt of mine in my younger wilder yrs b4 my second wife came along lmao .

Couple local places make excellent donairs , while are just either tasteless or too spicy . Really hard once you find a certain recipe that appeals to ones taste to beat it .
Today is slow roasted Venison , then sliced up and covered in gravy from the drippings , Home fries cut to desired size in the air fryer once seasoned in sea salt and fresh black ground pepper . Side of beets and mustard pickles .

Venison roast has been in heavy cast pot since 8 am then browned till ready for slicing , almost time to sit back and cherish it from last falls harvest .
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Venison Stew with fresh made brown bread tonight , made for a stick to the ribs meal , Been yr since had pot of goulash , Eat more than our share of pasta , so nevervreally thought of making it again
Venison Heart , cut thin then cooked very low with mushrooms , garlic snd spanish onions , seasoned to taste , with a Worcestershire sauce and a kick of Franks Hot sauce to add to bullion gravy , for a side of fresh cut home fries cooked in the air fryer seasoned with sea salt and pepper .
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Well, made a pot of Cajun Gumbo with chicken, shrimp and Polish Kielbasa ( can't find Andouille, ever). I make my own Cajun seasoning for it as well.

It's actually for supper tomorrow but I figured I would have a little sample.
Ah, the flavour, is right on the money!

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Mouth is watering from here !
Just gave me a idea for my deer steak this afternoon to marinade in shot or two of Scotch lol

Could always crack the cap on this stuff
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Don't see Bea or Nomad.
Even seem to see less of 3D. He usually posts in spurts since he came back!
Maybe people got busy like I should be. Maybe some went to Facebook, don't like the tone around here, who knows?
ALW said it wasn't his cup of tea anymore. Don't know where they all went.
I mentioned to you the main Reason Nomad no longer posts on here , Bea is busy elsewhere last I heard and we spoke 3D also stated his less posting since his return .

Desert Looks good Tim , home made is always better
I dont know about winter supper, i got dessert covered and thats not counting the muffins on the other counter.
Not too shabby for a wet morning
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