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Winter Supper

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Striper66, ask and ye shall receive!

On another thread 3Macs posted a pic of his goo lash as he calls it, with apparently way too many onions and garlic, lol. Striper66 suggested we have a winter supper topic so let’s do just that.

let’s try not to let this get hijacked too badly like every other thing we talk about. Let’s try keep it to “winter” meals I guess. Those suppers you make or ate growing up when the weather is miserable. Classic comfort food for a stormy winter.

I will be making a Dutch dish here soon, possibly supper tonight, called boerenkool. I will take some photos of it as I go.
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I have a lot of comfort meals throughout the winter. These were a normal staple for our household growing up. I call them The Big Three, corned beef and cabbage, sauerkraut and pickled pork, and pickled beans with pickled pork. We still make everything ourselves as far as pork and beef and sauerkraut and pickled beans. I do buy the vegetables. Goulash is another favorite as is roast beef and roast pork. Something as simple as hamburger patties smothered in gravy and onions and mashed potatoes makes me happy. Reminds me of my childhood days. My grandmother's and mother were excellent Cooks and I sure do miss them. Nothing I make ever taste as good as what they could do.
Hamburger patties in gravy with onions and mashed potatoes with peas or carrots. Ummm good! Now there is a meal I haven't had in probably 50 years. That was a meal my mother used to make at home. Hadn't even thought if it in years.
That shocks me and I am nice today so won't say why :p. So I guess heart ,tongue and testicles are out of the question also:D:D
I will be honest calf is my favorite which seems impossible to buy any more followed by beef and lamb
my bud keeps offering me goat and no way will I eat that nor will I eat chicken or turkey livers or deer
I'm with Buckmark! Have never even tried any of those and unless the apocalypse comes and there is nothing else left to eat I never will!! :)
I did try roast beaver once many years ago though. And no not the kind your dirty minds are thinking! The kind that chews down trees and makes dams! Tasted like duck to me.
Man I have to get back into those greenhouse before one of you guys want to marry me :LOL: :LOL: for my cooking
Bored beyond today so said WTF I will give it a try and made two meat pies with a pork and beef roast with a gravy and a ton of spices onions garlic etc no veggies in it
My first pies ever and crust not easy to make is it or wasn't for me
Crust dam ugly but this is all that is left from two pies so the girls loved it and said not bad for first time(y)
I don't think you have anything to worry about. No matter how good the eat pie turned out! ;)
The old meat king chicken just keeps on giving . The carcass fed a big eagle this morning and got the mrs a few nice pics
Nice picture!
Made speggi sauce and meat balls this morning, diced up every thing for the lil wifey's stir fry...she's not a pasta / italian / or meatball lover, so what hunny wants...hunny gets !
Smart man!!
Mid day breakfast after moving snow around😃 time for a nap View attachment 100133
Damm thst looks good!
Thanks. It's a non-aggressive type (follicular). He's a tough old bugger.
Really glad to hear its not something aggressive! And that the treatment made a difference quickly!
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Just gave me a idea for my deer steak this afternoon to marinade in shot or two of Scotch lol

Could always crack the cap on this stuff View attachment 100314
That's good stuff there!
Ribs look good. I would likely starve before I would eat the other "stuff". 😀
I wonder who was hungry enough to eat the first nut? Wouldn't have been me! 😊 Poor F'er must have been near dead from starvation!
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Here's my recipe for lamb fries. Slice em thin, fry them up with salt and pepper.
When golden brown carefully, because they will be hot, throw them out the back door. Or, wait until cool and feed them to the dog. Then go out for burgers and fries!
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Bugs on a bun is coming. Crickets are the next thing they are trying to force us to eat. Bill Gates wants everyone to give up red meat (and no Joe … this is not a conspiracy theory), and pick a healthier protein. I wonder who has stocks in the cricket business ????
There's another hard NO for me!
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Ya know im learning peoples choice in diets varies bigtime around the world.I find it very interesting to read on these subjects.Myself i couldnt do bugs.Or mice and rats but they are both natural food sources in other parts of the world.These cultures may not like offals and penis parts😃
Something i do have a problem with is food grown with human waste.Cant do it knowingly.I believe a large portion of vegetables sold at supermarkets today are being fertilized with human waste and thats where i draw the line.I wont eat anything that has been produced with human feces as fertilizer.That why i garden some and am selectful of the produce i purchase.YUCK
I know they use, or did use at one time at least, human waste as fertilizer in some places around the world. South East Asia for one I believe. But I can't imagine myself doing it. Have to be extremely well composted to say the least and even then.... Like the choices of foods around the world though, I guess it has a lot to do with necessity and what you get used to.
It has been used here in canada for years just we rarely hear about it farms in Ontario vancouver etc etc. I remember it well when hunting geese in summerside over 20 years ago when used on some fields not even the geese would land in them but it was also far from fully processed like today. Did not halifax have a big stink no pun intended also for using it on curbside grass or some where in the HRM some years ago also
If we knew what was being used on some fields we would not eat any veggies etc IMO so best not look to find out
I think you're right about it having been used in Halifax.
I dont know about winter supper, i got dessert covered and thats not counting the muffins on the other counter.
Not too shabby for a wet morning
View attachment 100673
View attachment 100672
Damm those look good!
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